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Hiawatha D. Launches Iconic Black Women: DEAR SISTA, I SEE YOU. Tour in DC, Revealing Yvonne Orji

Artist Hiawatha D. and his wife Veronica Very, Founder & Visionary of Wonder of Women International are set to launch “Iconic Black Women: Dear Sista I See You Tour, Friday, February 28, in Washington DC, inducting Yvonne Orji into the historic Iconic Black Women Collection painted by Hiawatha D.

Yvonne Orji Photo by James Anthony

Yvonne Orji is a Nigerian-American actress, comedian and writer who stars in HBO’s critically acclaimed comedy series Insecure. Yvonne made her feature film debut in Universal’s Night School alongside Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. She is co-host of the podcast Jesus & Jollof alongside Luvvie Ajayi and even got Oprah to produce a sitcom based on her life! Yvonne’s journey is one that was built on perseverance, authenticity and a relentless conviction to tap into her innate power within and a power greater than herself to pursue her dreams.

Hiawatha D.’s Iconic Black Women collection is currently in exhibition at the award winning Northwest African American Museum (NAAM), Seattle, WA, attracting thousands of patrons from around the world; heralding over stories that span over 200 years pointing to the transcendent power, progress and promise of Black women.

As an inductee, Yvonne will join a brand new series of paintings entitled "Dear Sista, I See You." Iconic Black Women collection includes history makers like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Shirley Chisholm; elders like Cicely Tyson, Angela Davis and Congresswoman Maxine Waters— and powerful Queens like Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Tarana Burke, Beyoncé and Simone Biles. Hiawatha D. wanted a series dedicated to shining a light on women positioned and poised to make history and start a national dialogue that affirms, validates, celebrates and highlights the importance of Black women to our society. This series will bring to the forefront hidden, rising and fierce Black women blazing a trail.

Artist Hiawatha D. Photo by Eyemagination Imaging

“Every painting in Iconic Black Women is a story, and collectively they are a transformative experience,” said LaNesha DeBardelaben, Executive Director, NAAM.

“As powerful and promising as we are, Black women in America, many are hidden, rarely seen, validated and celebrated. We are grossly undervalued, and yet, we are constantly sought out to save the world with our strength and brilliance,” said Veronica Very.

Iconic Black Women: Dear Sista, I See You.” inductees will feature powerful stories that highlight one’s ability to transcend challenges and courageously blaze a trail of power, truth and inspiration for Black women and girls.

Tickets for this inaugural VIP reveal reception are by invitation only. Follow the collection at the official Iconic Black Women website.

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