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"As timely as it is timeless, Hiawatha D.'s Iconic Black Women is celebration of Black womanhood often seen but unseen, recognizable yet ambiguous.

Hiawatha D. has created a collection that nestles between Jacob Lawrence's Migration and Ernie Barnes' The Beauty in the Ghetto.

If a Black woman has touched any part of your life, you owe it to her as tribute to experience this collection."

Dr. O. David Jackson, Collector & Patron

"I am enchanted to share in this experience with Hiawatha D. and Veronica Very Davis. 

Their passion, energy and utter excitement for this topic is far more than an opportunity to display fine art,

it is an auspicious visual display and herald for social justice, equality and reform.

Hiawatha D.'s Iconic Black Women: Ain't I a Woman exhibition promises to deliver a colorful delight

with laudable distinction and poignant social relevance around the historic and current prominence of Black women."

Hasaan Kirkland, MFA, Curator, Northwest African American Museum 

"The majesty, soulfulness and artistic prowess in the gallery was palpable. 

As a Black woman, I saw my reflection in every image hung on those walls.

Hiawatha D.’s art offers an authentic perspective of contemporary urban life that accentuates the richness of African American experiences.

His palettes provide a vibrancy of color choices that incorporates the past with present mood. 

His bold lines create directionality that points to the upbeat trends of the Black experience.

Hiawatha is a warm, reflective artist whose work expresses deep optimism.

The Iconic Black Women Collection provides an opportunity for families to share stories that unite.”

Tasleem Taj Qaasim, Collector & Patron

"I found myself lost in its imagery.

Hiawatha D.’s Iconic Black Women exhibit highlights the intersectionality between race, ethnicity, sexuality and power. 

Hiawatha D. has captured a wondrous lesson in the history of Black women who built this country with our hands,

nurtured everyone’s children with our hands and continue to hold up this country with those very hands...

maybe that is why there aren’t hands in many of the paintings."

Dr. Keisha Scarlett, Chief of Equity, Partnerships & Engagement, Seattle Schools

"Hiawatha D.'s choice of color and the marrying of pigments to produce depth and motion is genius. 

From the determination of Harriet Tubman stature to the famous eye glasses and squint of scrutiny from

Congresswoman Maxine Waters; the artist has immortalized the Iconic Black Women’s determination and victories against slavery, racism and social injustices."

Simone Haydel Teal MAEd, Seattle University

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